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Just about a half hour outside of Rochester, NY is the picturesque hamlet of Pultneyville on the shore of Lake Ontario. Salmon Creek runs through the hamlet, emptying into the lake. Pultneyville is officially located within the town of Williamson, which is about 10 minutes south.

What to do in Pultneyville?

The main activities in Pultneyville involve the water, whether its being in it or looking at it.

The Landing at Pultneyville is a great spot to park your car to explore. At the landing, there is a fine art gallery representing local and regional artists called the Artisan’s Loft. However, as of mid-October 2020 they are temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

Near the entrance to the Landing at Pultneyville is the Mill Street Bridge. Underneath the bridge is a small cement platform which is a great place to take pictures of the Artisan’s Loft, the river, and the boats. From the end of the parking lot of the landing there are great up close views of the marina filled with sailboats.

Salmon Creek in Pultneyville with cloudy sky, boats, and a red building

Another good photo spot is the bend in Mill Street (aka Lake Road aka Washington Street). There is a small grassy area with a historical sign that has great views of the beach.

sunset with purple and pink clouds at the crescent beach in Pultneyville

If you’re into history, the Williamson-Pultneyville Historical Society will teach you through tours, exhibits, and performances. They are open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from the third weekend in June through Indigenous People’s Day in November.

There are two boat related clubs which are located on opposite sides of Salmon Creek. One is the Pultneyville Yacht Club, while the other is the Pultneyville Mariners Club which owns the crescent beach.

Three sailboats on land with their masts reflected into the water in Pultneyville

Both of these clubs appear to require a membership but I’ve never been to either of them since I visited Pultneyville after sailing season ended. If you live in the Rochester area, these clubs may be a nice option to get out of the city and relax during the summer.

About a five minute drive away is B. Foreman Park which provides a nice open grassy space for picnicking and outdoor lawn games. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed due to the sewage pipe that drains out nearby.

Where to eat in Pultneyville?

Now after talking about sewage, let’s see where you can eat!

Currently, the only place to eat that is actually in Pultneyville is the Pultneyville Deli Company. They have an extensive menu that is only available for takeout during the pandemic, although there is outdoor seating that we sat on without complaints. They have a section of specialty Macaroni and Cheese with some fun flavors, such as Buffalo Chicken, which my mom enjoyed.

Buffalo chicken mac and cheese from the Pultneyville Deli Company

Nearby in the town of Williamson there are only some fast food restaurants to choose from. On Google maps I spotted a McDonald’s, a Burger King, and a Mark’s Pizzeria.

Lagoner Farms and Embark Craft Ciderworks are located on Lake Road heading into Pultneyville. The farm has a farm market open all week and offers apple picking during the fall season!

Young Sommer Winery is also located nearby and has nearly 5 stars on Google reviews.

For dessert, I highly recommend Yia Yia’s Ice Cream Shoppe in Williamson. They have great prices, lots of flavors, and very generous servings. They close for the winter in late October and I don’t know when they open up.

Where to stay?

If you want to stay within the actual hamlet, your options are limited.

Raked South Garden Bed and Breakfast is a traditional option. It’s tech-savvy enough to have a website, but not online booking.

The other option is a studio apartment on Airbnb called Salmon Creek House with three beds. It’s right at the entrance of the Landing at Pultneyville.

If you aren’t from the area surrounding Pultneyville I would highly recommend staying in Rochester or one of its suburbs unless you are planning to spend at lot of time in Pultneyville. There is so much more to do in Rochester.

If you want any more travel ideas near Rochester, check out my article on outdoor day trips in Western New York!

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