My Senior Portrait

Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m a college student at the University of Rochester. I am double majoring in Environmental Studies and Studio Art, and have minors in Sustainability and Digital Media Studies.

I have an account on Medium (@sarahs.smorgasbord) where I write mostly about environmental issues. Go check it out!

Why “smorgasbord”?

If you don’t know, a smorgasbord is traditionally a Scandinavian meal with many types of dishes. Now it has also come to mean “a wide variety of things.” I didn’t want to pigeon-hole myself into one nice, so this blog will be a smorgasbord of my passions, hobbies, and experiences. I hope there is something on this blog to help almost anyone that visits it!


I have had a passion for photography ever since elementary school, and dreamed of becoming a National Geographic photographer. I love nature and landscape photography and I want to share what I’ve learned to help beginners and amateurs like me improve their skills. Check out my photography account @sarahs__snaps for some nature and landscape shots!


I also love to travel and have planned both domestic and international trips for me and my family. I relied almost solely on travel blogs to plan and always thought that I’d have fun writing my own. I joked about travel blogger but maybe I can make that happen in my own small way. If you want detailed itineraries, activity recommendations, or specific activity guides, this is the blog for you. Check out the updated maps below to see where I’ve been!


As a college student myself who has attended community college, is now attending a four-year university, and commutes to school, I have some different viewpoints than the traditional college route. In addition to that, thanks to the COVID-19, I took online classes for the remaining semester. I hope my college posts will help anyone else struggling to figure out their path. You’ll be able to find these under the “Everything Else” tab unless it becomes a large amount of posts, in which case I’ll make a separate category.

Everything Else

Finally, I left a section for anything I found interesting or useful enough to publish a post about, but not dedicate an entire category of its own. In this section you’ll find posts about crafting and DIYs, blogging, and other miscellaneous subjects.